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The 5G Galaxy S10 From Samsung Will Come Up In South Korea On 5th April

The 5G phone from Samsung will be up for sale in South Korea on 5th April 2019. The launch of the S10 5G comes up before South Korea finalizes plans to be the first nation to get 5G services rolled out all over the country. This Samsung phone would likely employ a whole range of people into their brand new mobile network and also serve as an acid test, with more and more countries looking to expand their base up to 5G in 2019.

Technically, the 5G network in South Korea has been in operation since 1st December last year. In spite of this, mobile operators have gone on to delay the official launch of this phone as none of the compatible devices seemed to be ready for sale. Pricing issues with the Government of South Korea further delayed the launch. The regulators from the South Korean government, finally approved the plans of pricing on Monday for 5G sets. Still, if anyone happens to stay outside South Korea, then they would need to wait a little longer. The release dates have not been confirmed in any other country for the S10 5G.

If everything goes as per the plan, still, the customers in America and Britain would manage to buy these phones later in the year. The first one, which would carry these in America, would be Verizon. They have plans to launch 5G services in Minneapolis and Chicago on 11th April and then expand to more than 30 cities by the end of 2019. UK customers would need to wait a little longer. EE had partnered with Samsung to sell off phones and by this summer, it plans to launch 5G in the cities of London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, and Manchester.

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