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Constant Product Shutdowns from Google Are Causing Damage to the Brand

We are into the month of April in 2019 and it has already turned out to be quite a brutal year for the product portfolio of Google. On 11th January, the Chromecst Audio was discontinued. The annotations from YouTube got deleted on 15th January. Then, this was followed by Google Fiber getting packed up and leaving a Fiber city on 8th February. Android Things had dropped their support for IoT on 13th February. As per reports, the laptop and tablet division from Google had got slashed on 12th March. March 13 saw Google Allo getting shut down. This was quickly followed up by the Spotlight Stories VR studio closing down on 14th March. Then, even the UR shortened, was cut off from new users on 30th March and the IFTTT support had stopped working on 31st March.

On 2nd April, Google has put to rest their two more products, the Google+ and Google Inbox. Then, later on in this year, the Google Hangouts Classic would begin winding down and even the Google Music would migrate to YouTube Music. Only 91 days have gone by in this year so far and Google is already increasing the body count in an unprecedented manner. If only the official dates of shutdowns are taken into consideration, which has so far occurred in 2019, a service of Google or any branded product of there has died every nine days on an average.

Now, all these shutdowns of different services from Google have started to cast a shadow on the organization as a whole. People have begun to have this feeling that Google has the habit of losing interest in their not so successful projects. Hence, they discontinue those services out of nowhere. Trust of the public at large has been shaken.

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