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Robotic Astrobees Will Go Over To ISS For Providing Help

NASA has been putting their work on robots to provide help for the astronauts present on the International Space Station. This would allow them to have a lot more time to spend on science than they have to on the daily maintenance tasks. NASA has even announced that their three robotic bees are all set to join the astronauts over on the ISS. They are basically floating cubes, which look very much similar with different kinds of colour panels both front and back. The development of the robotic helpers had happened at the Ames Research Centre in California. The official name of the robots is Astrobee robots.

NASA has said that the robots would stay really busy. They will fly around the International Space Station and help out with routine maintenance and tracking of inventory. The bot is even designed to assist researchers on the ground to carry out an experiment with tasks like the interactions with humans and robots in space and also to test out new technologies. The robots were tested in a special laboratory at the Ames Research Centre, where a mock interior of the space station was built up. Propulsion for the robots is through fans and the location of those fans allows them to move in any direction and also turn on any axis. NASA has even managed to fit the robots with cameras as well as sensors for navigation inside the space station and avoidance of obstacles.

The robots get powered by electricity. When power happens to be on the lower side, the robot would move in an autonomous manner to a dock, where it can get charged. NASA has the intention to launch the Astrobees to the ISS during this month with the liftoff set to take place at the Wallops Flight Facility.

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