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A Spacecraft from Japan Has Blasted Off a New Crater into an Asteroid

A spacecraft from Japan is lying around 186 million miles away from Earth. Last night, it had dropped a whole can of explosives on an asteroid. Hence, it managed to excavate a crater on the rough surface. Finally, the spacecraft would inspect the new crater and it might even get hold of a sample from it. Thereby, it would be helping out scientists in learning more about the interior of the asteroid. The prospective vehicle is Hayabusa 2. This is a spacecraft, which gets operated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Hayabusa 2 was launched back in the year 2014. It has travelled to an Earth-like asteroid named Ryugu.

The mission of this spacecraft is quite straightforward. It would get hold of materials’ samples from Ryugu and bring them back to Earth for carrying out further investigation. Still, the spacecraft is making use of some unique methods to fulfil their goal. They have dropped some robots on the asteroid, while they were on their way. A couple of weeks hence, it had again dropped a robotic box on Ryugu. Finally, in the month of February, Hayabusa2 managed to collect stuff, for which it had come. It had slowly managed to lower itself towards the surface of the asteroid and shoot the rock with a projectile.

The main intention behind visiting Ryugu and get hold of the chunks from it is to learn a lot more about the kinds of materials, which existed at the start of the solar system. The material that exists in this new crater might hold certain detailed secrets of exactly what kinds of materials had existed a long time back. It might reveal more about how exactly Earth and life as a whole came up to be.

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