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A Woman Lived For 99 Years with Organs Placed in Wrong Places

During the early day of spring in 2018, a medical student of 26 years named Warren Nielsen along with his four classmates managed to prepare a corpse. The preparation was done in the chilly dissection lab at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. The same kind of groups of five had gathered around bodies on the remaining 15 tables in the anatomy class. They were all very eager to explore the mysteries lying inside the human body, which they had seen only in textbooks.

The corpse that was assigned to the team of Nielsen was that of a 99-year-old woman. She had died out of natural causes, whose name was Rose Marie Bentley. The students were not aware of the details. Usually, in order to honour as well as respect the privacy of all those who wish to give off their bodies to science, no additional detail is given to medical students about the person. The person, who had once managed to inhabit the body that lies on the silvery slab before their eyes. The students and their professors could soon find out that the woman, Rose Marie Bentley was special. Her speciality was such that she genuinely deserved her own unique position in medical literature and history books.

The reason behind this is that a condition known as inversus with levocardia, wherein most of the vital organs get reversed, almost similar to a mirror inside one’s body. An assistant professor named Cameron Walker said that it would be very difficult to find another individual like her and its probability would be one in 50 million. The organs were misplaced or were not there. Her heart did not have a big vein, the inferior vena cava was not present along with other misplacements.

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