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The Reason Why One Must Not Take Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements

There are a whole lot of vitamins and health supplements available on the market. Now, despite the availability of these supplements, very little evidence exists that these pills, as well as powders, provide health benefits for the population in general. Some kind of research even suggests that supplements can, in fact, cause harm to one’s health even. A fresh study suggests that vitamin supplements are not really helpful. They could even create a lot of risks for people, who otherwise happen to be quite healthy. As per the study, which has been published in Annals of Internal Medicine, diet supplements do not assist people in living longer. Plus, they do not even offer any significant benefits to health.

Researchers had looked at a number of supplements. Those included the likes of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Zinc. By taking a look at all these, the researchers found out that the supplements did not offer any kind of health benefit but they do not pose any health risk as well. The story was different for Vitamin D. Researchers had found that people involved in the study, who took 10 micrograms of Vitamin D supplements on a daily basis but did not have deficiencies of this Vitamin before, managed to increase their overall risk for suffering from cancer and death. The possible harm for the use of Vitamin D supplement among all those individuals, who had a lack of Vitamin D, require to get evaluated further.

The study had looked at almost 31000 people over the age of 20 years. It did have some limitations. The researchers had primarily depended on the self-reported use of supplements by the participants. In case a study subject had either under-reported or over-reported their usage, the results might have got skewed.

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