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Wound Healing Might Improve with Staples like the Spines of Porcupines

At the first instance, the basic idea of making use of porcupine spines for patching up wounds sounds like torture. Now, taking inspiration from the rodent, researchers have started to work on a new kind of surgical staple, which could be a lot less damaging and less painful as well. Surgeons usually make use of staples and sutures to close up the wounds. There are issues related to their placements for carrying out procedures, which are minimally invasive in nature.

Surgical staples happen to be a lot faster to insert compare to sutures. Sutures need a needle as well as a thread. On the other hand, the staples that are currently made out of metal, tear the tissue on its way in and lead to more damage when they are bent to let them stay in place. Bioengineers feel that they can make use of barbs, which can assist them to keep dissolvable medical staples to be in place for healing wounds. Jeff Karp, a bioengineer along with his team went on a discussion about a porcupine and its quill as a way to hold tissue together. The porcupines of North America has in excess of 30000 truly menacing quills that cover most of their body.

Now, using staples that are modelled in the form of quills of porcupines can help one to carry out surgeries and lead to improvements in the healing of wounds. It is understood that testing of tools after getting inspired by porcupine quills on human beings can start off within two to five years. This might well enable smaller incisions to be made in quite a large number of surgeries. If it indeed happens, then this would be very good news both for surgeons as well as patients.

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