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Jeff Bezos Is a Copycat in the Eyes of Elon Musk

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk is the head of a space exploration venture privately held, known as SpaceX. This week, he went on to Twitter and call the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos a copycat. This was after Bezos has announced his plans to launch a brand new broadband service based on satellite. Last week report had come out, where it was mentioned that Jeff Bezos is willing to launch more than 3200 satellites into space in order to provide internet service of very high speed for all the underserved communities. The project is known as Project Kuiper. This particular initiative was revealed through a set of filings from the federal government.

Amazon finally intends to bring its service to millions of people all over. More than one year back, Elon Musk’s SpaceX had launched their first two test satellites into orbit for their Starlink constellation. Musk said that it would provide global broadband to serve to all those, who are served the least. The plan of Starlink is too involved almost close to 12000 satellites. Earlier in the week, reports came out wherein it was mentioned that Jeff Bezos had hired the former vice president of satellites. The one, who had led the project of Starlink. On one hand, where Amazon will be responsible for the satellite effort, Bezos is also the owner of the rocket company known as Blue Origin. It aims to explore the solar system and finally establish colonies for human beings in space.

The tussle between Musk and Bezos goes to show the importance, which space might play in the future of technology. Reports suggest that Facebook is also in the process of developing an internet satellite of their own, mainly aimed at providing service to areas that are unserved and underserved.

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