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People Can Help Name the World without Name in the Solar System

A team consisting of planetary astronomers is asking people to help find a name for a minor planet. It is designated as 2007 OR10 and happens to be the largest world without any name in the solar system. The public at large has one month’s time to choose between three semi-finalists. They include Gonggong, a Chinese water God, Holle, a European winter goddess connected with women, fertility and rebirth and finally Vili, a Nordic deity, who had helped in defeating Ymir, the frost giant. People can give their vote till 10th May 8:59 pm EDT.

The orbital location of the object needs its official name to get inspired by a creator deity. The team even wanted to select names, which would accommodate related names for the moon of 2007 OR10, in case a formal name for the object turns out to be a necessity. All the three contenders for 2007 OR10 happen to be references to deities, who are somehow associated with red colour. They also related to either snow or ice or to the inner portion of something turning out to be the external part. The unnamed world is approximately 775 miles across. This makes it quite smaller than Pluto along with the orbits in the Kuiper Belt.

The discovery of this world without a name was made back in July 2007. Since that time, scientists have confirmed that it contains a reddish surface. This suggests that it could sport ice volcanoes remaining dormant for a long time and also went on to discover the moon. The present name is purely a designation from the Minor Planet Centre. It is an entity that a list of all the discoveries in the Solar System. They had added this object back in November 2009 to their records.

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