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German Automaker Volkswagen Has Plans To Take On ModelX In China

German Automaker Volkswagen has plans to build up complete electric Sports Utility Vehicle for China from the year 2021. The company is taking on the Model X of Tesla, the market leader in China. Basically, the automaker from Germany is increasing their level of production as far as their zero-emission vehicles are concerned. The new SUV that has been planned for, happens to be the latest move the aggressive growth strategy of Volkswagen in China. It is a place where electric cars always receive preferential treatment from the authorities. Volkswagen said that they have presented their ID ROOMZZ in Shanghai on Sunday. According to the automaker, it would have three rows of seats along with an operating range till 450 km.

The Chief Executive of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess said that the ID ROOMZ would be the first ever electric car to get launched in China by Volkswagen. He said that they plan to produce in excess of 22 million electric cars in the period of next 10 years. He further added that almost half of the engineers of Volkswagen were working on products, which are destined for a country like China. Diess confirmed that the ID ROOMZ would finally manage to get launched in other markets. In order to enhance the research and development capabilities of Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen along with their premium brand Audi would go on to combine their Research and Development operations in China.

The e-mobility head of Volkswagen, Thomas Ulbrich said that the automaker would begin to increase their activity related to the production of 33 electric cars by the middle of the year 2023. They aim to do so by making use of their modular electric car platform for building electric cars for the brands of Skoda, Audi, Seat, and Volkswagen.

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