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Three Social Media Channels Suffer From Second Outage In A Month

The start of Sunday was not an ideal one for the social media giant, Facebook. They were at that time, tackling another huge outage. It turned out to be the second instance of an outage within one month. As per a website, right after 6 AM ET on Sunday, Facebook users all over the world began to experience problems with Facebook and their various other platforms. The platforms include the likes of Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Even after two hours had gone by since that outbreak, the services of these social media platforms were still down,

The users were not able to get any fresh content uploaded on any of the platforms. Plus they also failed to message one another and also failed to check the status of the service on the developer site of Facebook. Even until now, the social media giant has not issued any comment on this particular situation through Twitter. This was not the case when the outage had occurred earlier. The incident happens to be one of the numbers of problems coming through lately from Facebook. On one hand, Facebook had put the blame on a change in the server configuration for the outage that occurred a month back. On the other hand, they have not managed to tackle exactly how nearly 600 million passwords of the users were left exposed to almost 20,000 employees in plain and simple text.

Recently, Facebook even admitted that they had deleted certain posts accidentally. The posts were created by their founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg over a period of years. Those did not manage to explain exactly how this problem had occurred. Now, everyone would wait for a full recovery to take place on Facebook before users can go ahead to do their daily activities.

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